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We Buy Used Cars! The condition does not matter, we still want to buy it!.

Sell That Old Car Today! Get Paid Instantly!

We specialize in buying old junk cars that are sitting unused. If you have a vehicle sitting in your driveway that you have not touched in years then you should think about giving us a call to come out and get it. We offer a safe and lucrative way to clean up your yard without lifting a finger outside of the one you use to give us a call. Even if your car does not run we can make arrangements to come get it. There are very little cars that we are not interested in so give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Types of Cars We Buy

The number one thing that most people ask is what type of cars we purchase, and the answer is very simple. We buy any type of junk vehicle that you may have. IN fact, there are very few cars that we are not interested in. We will buy cars whether they are running or not and welcome cars that have been damaged or smashed and are just sitting unused after an accident. Derby cars are not a problem. We will even purchase cars that have expensive or inexpensive mechanical issues that you do not want to be bothered with. We embody the philosophy that one person’s trash is another’s treasure, and we are ready to invest in yours.

Free Towing If Needed

If you have a vehicle that cannot be turned on, does not run, or is not safe to drive such as a smashed vehicle then you can take advantage of our free towing service. Not only will we still offer you a buy price on the vehicle, but we will come out and tow it for you back to our lot. The free towing service will not affect your price and we will happily come out and take it off your hands regardless of the situation. Our goal is to make selling your unused junk vehicle as simple as possible. When you decide to sell to us you get our promise that the entire transaction will not cost you a penny, and will leave you with an open yard and some extra money in your pocket.

Make Some Money When You Sell To Us

An unused junk vehicle, abandoned derby car, smashed up car, or mechanically broken car is not making you any money sitting in your yard or driveway. Likely it is just growing dust and getting in the way when you mow your yard. However, if you decide to sell it to us it can make you money, which is much better than a burden in your yard. When you sell your junk vehicle to us we will give you a fair price for the car in its current condition. It only makes sense to take a worthless item and get some cash off of it; which is what you can do if you let us come out and take it off your hands.